Man with Wine and Classic Lamborghini

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The inspiration and adoption of this iconic emblem grew out of Lamborghini’s love for bullfighting and specifically after a 1962 visit by Ferruccio Lamborgini to the Seville Range of Don Eduardo Miura a renowned breeder of Spanish fighting bulls.  After that the Lamborghini vision grew and expanded worldwide. Lamborghini is consistently advancing new projects dedicated to the most exclusive and luxury markets and aimed to emphasize the true essence of the brand: creative design innovative style Italian flair and tradition.

The Lamborghini estate lies between the south side of the Trasimeno lake and the beautiful  and tranquil medieval village of Panicale. Situated on the border between Umbria and Tuscany Cortona is only a few kilometers away. The property was purchased in the 1970s by Ferruccio Lamborghini who fell in love with the area. After his retirement from the famous Lamborghini automobile company he decided to go back to his roots: being a farmer.